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Calendar of Events
2019 – 2020

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September 3, 2019
Program:  Photographing Wildlife in Silhouette or Backlight
Speakers and Judge:  Ray Hennessy
Digital:  Patterns

October 1, 2019
Program:  Location Lighting
Speaker and Judge:  Rich Dunoff
Digital:  Open

November 12, 2019 (2nd Tuesday)
Program:  Portraits – A Different Point of View
Speaker and Judge:  Dennis Kelly
Digital:  Shadows

December 3, 2019
Program:  Creativity
Speaker and Judge: Sara Ascalon
Digital:  Humor  (Holiday get-together)

January 7, 2020
Program:  Abandoned America
Speaker and Judge:  Matthew Christopher
Digital:  Crowded

February 4, 2020
Program:  Pinhole
Speaker:  Sharon Harris     Judge: TBD
Digital:  Open

March 3, 2020
Workshop:  Celebrate Nature
Speaker and Judge:  Kevin Loughlin
Digital:  Reflections

April 7, 2020
Program:  Macro Photography
Speaker:  Bonnie Rovere
Digital:  No competition this evening

May 5, 2020
Program:  Telling a Story with Photos
Speaker and Judge:  Carl Doan
Digital:  Street Scene

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